Ceramic Heating Elements

Also know as infrared emitters, ceramic heating elements provide heating by infrared radiation in a similar manner to sunlight. Heat produced by the emitters is not affected by draughts and open spaces - like sunshine, it directs its energy by means of wavelengths towards any solid object to be absorbed.

Hotco ceramic heating elements are manufactured from a special ceramic which encases the heating wire and the assembly is then sealed with a protective glaze. Quality control at all stages of manufacture ensures a low cost, reliable emitter.

Boasting heating efficiency of around 97%, infrared emitters are ideally suited to drying; softening; melting; baking; fusion; evaporation and comfort heating.

Ceramic Heating Element Applications

Applications for ceramic heating elements fall into three main categories:

  1. mass heating
  2. moisture removal
  3. stoving/curing

Able to operate in unconventional conditions ceramic heating elements can suffer splashes of cold fluid at operating temperature. Owing to their exceptional cleanliness they are ideal for use in the food processing industry (dairy products, etc) as there is no possibility of them shattering or exploding. Emitters distributed by Hotco are manufactured using a special ceramic which encases the heating wire and the assembly is sealed with a protective glaze. Quality control at all stages of production ensures a low cost, reliable infrared emitter.

Ceramic Heating Elements Features

  • • IEH conforms to internation AL emitter sizes:
         - Full trough emitter 245mm x 60mm
         - Half through emitter 123mm x 60mm
  • • Long life, low maintenance and high durability
  • • Broad spectrum infrared emissions
  • Ceramic heating elements provide efficient, clean heat
  • • The two emitter sizes have matching mass temperatures
  • • Normal guarantee, excluding misuse and abuse
  • Ceramic heating elements are competitively priced
  • • 96% of the infrared is transmitted through the glaze go the ceramic heating elements
  • • Wavelength range 3 to 6 microns
  • • Built-in 'K' thermocouple available

Emitter Wavelength Control

There are often several wavelengths that may suit a particular application; we recommend that practical tests be performed to determine the most suitable wavelength for a particular material and the best ceramic heating elements for the application.

Different wavelengths can be obtained y using specific wattage emitters for specific materials. Large variance in ambient temperatures will change the emitter radiation wavelength.

A stable method of wavelength control is achieved by using ceramic heating elements with a built-in temperature sensor. The sensor provides a feedback loop to control the emitter temperature. Using this type of control, it is possible to achieve a range of wavelengths from the one emitter. For more detailed advice, please contact IEH.


Aluminized steel reflectors are designed to reflect the maximum amount of emitted infrared rays in a controlled direction. Simply insert the emitter-mounting lug through the slot provided and secure using spring steel retainers. Each reflector is supplied with sturdy mounting studs for single, or multiple frame, or chassis installations.

Range and Performance Data

Watts (FRS 245M) 150 250 300 400 500 650 750 1000
Watts (FRS 123M) - 125 150 200 250 325 375 500
kW / Wavelength 6 10 12 16 20 26 30 40
Emitter °C 260 370 400 460 550 615 660 755
Max Temp °C 800 800 800 800 800 800 800 800
Peak Wavelength 4.9 4.3 3.9 3.7 3.5 3.2 3 2.9
90% Heat (min) 4.9 4.5 - 4 - 3.5 - 3
Material Temp °C 90 130 150 180 210 245 275 300

Long Wave Ceramic Infrared Lamps

The infrared long-wave ceramic bulb is an efficient source of heat for where directional heating is required. The lamps are very economical, providing concentrated direct heat from a small amount of power. Common uses include industrial, space heating and animal husbandry applications. Optimum efficiency is obtained when the lamps are used in conjunction with an aluminium reflector.

Wide Beam Infrared Projector Assemblies

Hotco produces a range of versatile high quality projectors for both stationary and mobile heating/drying/curing units. Projectors are available in five sizes from 350mm to 1350mm long. Hotco projectors have a true infrared emission factor between 90-96% ensuring that almost all the electrical input is converted to infrared energy. Projector models are used for heating in agriculture, industry and personal comfort heating. Dry air doesn't absorb infrared and the thermal comfort provided is spread through a wide radiation range.

Wide beam heavy duty industrial projectors housing up to 5 emitters are provided with mounting facilties for ceiling suspension or wall fixing. Each projector is manufactured in aluminised steel for greater reflectivity of infrared radiation and incorporates a neon power 'on' indicator. All internal circuitry is suitable for high temperature operation.

Mobile Infrared Arrays

Standard mobile arrays will extend to 2 metres high, utilising size 3 and size 4 mounted projectors on a H-frame. These are zinc plated for durability and are fitted with heavy duty castors. extended legs ensure an extremely stable product. With the addition of the supplied boom, boots, bonnets and roofs of cars can be processed. Correct wavelength for infrared emitters ensure spectacular results can be achieved in heating, drying and curing times.

Typical uses include:

  • • water evaporation in plaster, paint, etc
  • • high tensile strength by ensuring correct catalysis and even curing in glass fibre applications
  • • efficient drying/curing/fusing of metallic inks in printing
  • • many uses in the plastics industry such as pipe end enlarging
  • • GRP curing for boats, vacuum forming
  • • laminating
  • • shrink wrapping
  • • space heating

Hotco has an extensive range of ceramic heating elements and infrared emitters. As always, If you need assistance in designing or selecting the right ceramic heating elements for your application our team of technicians are available to assist.