Process Heaters

Industrial process heaters are often custom designed and manufactured to the customers specifications and needs. Hotco does however offer a comprehensive range of standard process heaters in order to keep time delays to a minimum. If you're unsure of the types of process heaters for your specific application, please contact our experienced technicians for design support.

Drum Heaters

One of the most common types of process heaters are drum heaters. Hotco holds a large range of standard drum heating products in stock at all times. These products generally meet the urgent demands of industry and are both convenient and very much cost effective.

Belt Heaters

Commonly used for heating drums of viscous products such as oils, honey, waxes and grease and various chemicals. Flexible belt heaters are suitable for light duty applications heating standard steel drums and containers to lower temperatures up to 40°C. Simply wrap around the drum and tighten via the spring hook assembly. It comes with or without adjustable thermostat and does require a flat surface (ie. Not for dented drums) in order to achieve a good heat transfer

Stainless Steel Band Heaters

Often referred to as drum or barrell heaters these units are specifically designed to suit standard 44 Gallon (200 litre) drums. Suitable for higher temperatures and shorter heat up times and for products which require heating all year round. Supplied complete with thermostat, lead and 3-pin 10-amp plug.

Base Hot Plates

Manufactured from either cast alloy or hot dip galvanised steel. Both styles have thermostat control and are designed for rugged use. Ideal for products that require bottom heating or when products are being pumped. For temperatures above 60°C, use in conjunction with band heaters listed above

Through the Bung Hole Immersion Heaters

High powered immersion heaters suitable for non-viscous products and ideal for non-volatile, water-based mixtures. The stainless steel heating assembly is designed to fit through the bung hole of a 200 litre (44 gallon) drum. The vertical section of the heater is not heated to enable heating of of low content levels. The heaters are supplied complete with an adjustable thermostat, lead and 3-pin 10amp plug top.

Wax Immersion Heaters

Ideal for solidified materials such as waxes and pharmaceutical products where heat penetration is difficult. The heater is placed on top of the solid surface of the drum's contents and then progressively melts it's way to the bottom of the drum. Supplied complete with a thermostat, lead and 3-pin 10amp plug top.

Pail Heaters

High density immersion heaters are suitable for water based materials. These process heaters are designed for 'over-the-side' mounting into smaller containers, pail heaters are available with either copper or stainless steel sheath. Supplied complete with lead and 3-pin 10amp plug top.

Mobile Drum Rack

The mobile drum rack is designed for picking up and transporting drums, heating in a horizontal position and for decanting into smaller drums when mixing. Heat is provided by a heavy duty metal sheathed heating element, which is fully guarded, radiating heat to the underside of the drum. Drum rack process heaters are supplied with an energy regulator designed for connection to a standard 240 volt, 10 amp extension lead.

Warming Rooms / Ovens

Heating rooms are often used for storing large quantities of drums under controlled temperatures, generally between 30 and 70°C. Materials such as waxes, malt extract and some pharmaceutical products require long duration heating for complete meltdown that can only be achieved in warming rooms or storage ovens.

Hotco warming rooms are of double-skin insulated construction with black-heat type energy radiators and fan-forced air circulation. Control is fully automatic with a digital temperature management system. These units can be supplied in many styles such as a two-door pallet loading type, multi-stacking roller conveyor floor type, etc.

Ceramic Heating Elements

Also know as ceramic emitters, ceramic heating elements provide heating by infrared radiation in a similar manner to sunlight. Heat produced by the emitters is not affected by draughts and open spaces - like sunshine, it directs its energy by means of wavelengths towards any solid object to be absorbed. Hotco ceramic heating elements are manufactured from a special ceramic which encases the heating wire and the assembly is then sealed with a protective glaze. Quality control at all stages of manufacture ensures a low cost, reliable emitter.

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Hotco has an extensive range of stock process heaters and also custom-make heaters to specific requirements. As always, If you need assistance in designing or selecting the right industrial heater for your application our team of technicians are available to assist.