Heating Accessories

Hotco stock a large variety of heating accessories, components and parts to ensure customers have everything they need to install and maintain their industrial heaters and heating elements.

High Temperature Plugs

Commonly used in connection of electric elements and other electrical connections in hot zones. The ceramic plugs are suitable for higher temperatures but they can be more fragile than the silicone rubber version.

Order Code Amps Temp °C Description
AM25318 10 105 Porcelain tip - straight out - light duty
AM25319 15 150 Silicon rubber tip, straight out, industrial duty
AM25320 15 150 Silicon rubber tip, right angle, industrial duty
AM25321 25 200 Porcelain tip, straight out, industrial duty
AM25322 25 200 Porcelain tip, right angle, industrial duty

Porcelain Terminal Blocks (200°C)

Order Code Description
AM25330 1 way, 20 amp
AM25331 2 way - 15 amp
AM25332 2 way, 30 amp, stainless steel terminals
AM32879 2 way, 30 amp HD plated terminals
AM25333 3 way, 30 amp
AM25334 4 way, 30 amp

High Temperature Terminals

Hotco heating accessories also include heat resistant steel alloy ring terminals - nickel plated, rated to 600°C continuous.

Order Code Style Std Dia (mm) Cable Dia (mm)
AM25336 Ring Terminal 5 1.75
AM25337 Ring Terminal 5 3.4
AM25338 Ring Terminal 6.7 2.2
AM25339 Ring Terminal 6.7 3.4

Connection Cables

Wrapped fibreglass insulated nickel conductors, single core, 300°C Maximum

Order Code Stranding Metric Rating Amps @ 200 °C Conductor CSA mm2 Conductor OD (mm)
AM25271 16/0.020 2 0.5 1
AM25272 24/0.020 4.5 0.75 1.2
AM25273 32/0.020 6 1 1.3
AM25274 30/0.025 9 1.5 1.6
AM25275 50/0.025 12 2.5 2.1
AM25276 56/0.030 15 4 2.7

Silicon Rubber Insulation

Tin plated copper conductors, 150°C maximum temperature.

Order Code Cores Copper mm2 / Core Rating Amps / Core
AM25279 4 0.75 7.5
AM25280 4 1.50 15.0
AM25281 3 0.75 7.5
AM25282 3 1.00 10.0
AM25283 3 1.50 15.0
AM25284 1 0.50 5.0
AM25285 1 0.75 7.5
M25286 1 1.00 10.0
AM25287 1 1.50 15.0
AM25288 1 2.50 20.0
AM25289 1 4.00 25.0

Electrical Insulation (Mica Sheets)

Electrical Insulation - Mica - High Temperature, 400°C maximum temperature.

Order Code Description
AM25294 Mica board, semi rigid, 0.4mm thick. 1000 x 1200 mm sheets

High Temperature Sleeving

  • Type FG - Electrical insulation and temperature protection on leads - fibreglass, 400°C maximum temperature.
  • Type SR - Electrical insulation and moisture protection - silicon rubber, 200°C maximum temperature.

SR Type FG Type Internal Diameter
AM25302 AM25296 2 mm
AM25303 AM25297 3 mm
AM25304 AM25298 4 mm
AM25305 AM25299 5 mm
AM25306 AM25300 6 mm

Heat Transfer Anti-Oxidation Compounds

Heat transfer products are some of our most popular heating accessories and are used to seal or fill air cavities within bores and grooves. Sometimes these pockets of air work as heat insulators, hindering the transfer of heat to the mass. Indeed even tiny air cavities can result in shorter heater life due to the radiation of heat back onto the element. These products seal this cavity and some even assist in reducing the oxidation effects on the element steel sheath.

Order Code Description
AM25309 Heat transfer cement, high temp 2-part mix ideal for cementing tubular elements into hot runner manifolds. 150gm liquid / 250gm Powder.
AM25310 Heat transfer and anti-oxidation compound idea for coating cartridge heaters. 150gm bottle.
AM25311 Heat transfer cement, 50cc syringe, water soluble, 650°C
AM25312 Heat transfer cement, 5 litre, water soluble, 650°C max
AM25313 Heat transfer cement, 10 litre, water soluble, 650°C max
AM25314 Electric resister cement, 1370°C max (US Gallon tin)
AM25315 Low electrical leakage cement, 1420°C max (US Gallon Tin)

Hotco stocks an extensive range of heating accessories which are available to customers at short notice. As always, If you need assistance in designing or selecting the right industrial heater for your application our team of technicians are available to assist.